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87% of businesses neglect cybersecurity and lose millions. Don't be one of them. It's easy.

Take the free Falcone International Risk Assessment FIRAv2™ to find out where your organization stands in minutes. For free.

We help companies assess and enhance their risk management with our free risk assessment tool.

FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International
FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International
FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International
FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International
FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International

FIRAv2™ is fast and mobile ready

Discover your risk score in minutes.


With FIRAv2™, our free risk assessment tool, you can swiftly assess your business risk through a concise 25-question survey. Gain immediate insights into your risk profile without the complexity.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

Tailored for all business sizes and sectors.

Whether you're a small local business or a global enterprise, FIRAv2™ is tailored to fit the unique challenges of your industry.

All industries

FIRAv2™ is crafted with versatility at its core, making it the ideal risk management tool for any industry. Its universal and straightforward approach means it seamlessly fits into the unique contexts of sectors ranging from finance to healthcare, tech to retail. Experience a tool that understands the varied landscapes of different industries and provides relevant, actionable insights for each.

All sizes

Whether you're a nimble startup or a large enterprise, FIRAv2™'s lightweight and user-friendly design make it a perfect fit. Its simplicity doesn't compromise on depth, offering rich insights suitable for businesses at any stage of growth. Enjoy a risk assessment tool that's as agile and dynamic as your business, scaling effortlessly to meet your evolving needs.

All geographies

In our interconnected world, FIRAv2™ stands out with its universal applicability, transcending geographic limitations. It’s tailored to provide valuable insights whether you're operating in a single locality or across multiple countries. Its global relevance coupled with localized accuracy makes FIRAv2™ a trusted companion for businesses navigating the diverse challenges of a global market.

Comprehensive, Actionable Reports

Detailed insights for informed decisions.

Complete your FIRAv2™ assessment and receive a comprehensive report. Our detailed analysis offers actionable strategies to improve your risk management.

FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International

Collaborative Tool for Team-Wide Use

Empower every department with risk awareness.

FIRAv2™ is designed for cross-departmental collaboration. Distribute it across teams for a unified view of your organization's risk landscape.

Enhance Team Risk Management today. It's free.

Common queries about FIRAv2™

Frequently Asked Questions about FIRAv2™

Everything you need to know about FIRAv2™

Who can benefit from using FIRAv2™?

FIRAv2™ is designed for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our tool can provide valuable insights into your risk profile.

Is FIRAv2™ difficult to use for those without a technical background?

Not at all! FIRAv2™ boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone in your organization to use, regardless of their technical expertise.

FIRAv2™ is browser based and thus easy to access across all platforms as well as easy to share with others.

How long does it take to complete the FIRAv2™ assessment?

The assessment consists of only 25 questions and can be completed in a few minutes. This quick process provides immediate insights into your risk status.

Most users take about 9 minutes to complete the entire assessment. All questions have the same 5 answer possibilities, making it convenient yet effective enough to answer.

What kind of report will I receive after completing the assessment?

You'll receive a comprehensive report detailing your risk score and providing actionable recommendations to improve your risk management strategies.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will see your score right away and receive a copy to the email you have provided us with.

Can FIRAv2™ be used by multiple departments within an organization?

Yes, FIRAv2™ is ideal for use across various departments. It helps create a unified view of the risk landscape and fosters collaborative risk management within your organization.

It also gives risk managers a good indication of risk across the organization and compare different business units or departments, all measured by the same easy-to-use standard.

How does FIRAv2™ help in making informed business decisions?

By providing detailed risk assessments and actionable insights, FIRAv2™ helps you understand potential risks and make informed decisions to mitigate them, ultimately protecting your business.

With the custom score, you have a tool to make horizontal comparisons over time and track the progress and development more objectively.

Is there any cost associated with using FIRAv2™?

FIRAv2™ is a free tool, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to benefit from advanced risk assessment capabilities.

How does FIRAv2™ ensure the confidentiality and security of my data?

We prioritize data security and confidentiality. FIRAv2™ employs robust security measures to protect your data and ensure that your business information remains secure.

Can I integrate FIRAv2™ with other business tools?

Currently, FIRAv2™ is a standalone tool. However, we are continually working on updates and may consider integration options in the future.

FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International

Global Standards, Local Application

Navigate risks with a global perspective.

FIRAv2™ integrates global risk assessment standards, offering insights naturally applicable to your specific geographical and business context.

Dive into FIRAv2™ 

Take the FIRAv2™ Mini Masterclass.

Welcome to our Mini Masterclass, a concise, 10-minute screencast designed to take you step-by-step through the functionalities and features of FIRAv2™. Whether you're new to risk assessment tools or seeking to maximize your experience with FIRAv2™, this masterclass is tailored for you.

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What others Say

An effective tool for everyone. From CEO to Risk Manager.

FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International

As the CEO of a growing enterprise, managing risk effectively is crucial for our success and sustainability. FIRAv2 has been a game-changer for us. The ease of use and the depth of insights provided by their 25-question assessment have allowed us to quickly understand and address our risk profile. The comprehensive report we received was eye-opening and has guided us in making strategic decisions. FIRAv2 didn't just help us identify our risks; it helped us transform them into opportunities for growth. I highly recommend FIRAv2 to any business serious about effective risk management.

Mid-size manufacturing CEO
FIRAv2 Risk Assessment Tool Falcone International

In the complex world of risk management, finding a tool that is both thorough and user-friendly can be a challenge. FIRA has met and exceeded our expectations. As a Risk Manager, I found the tool’s ability to be distributed across different departments particularly valuable. It provided us with a comprehensive view of our company's risk status and helped facilitate essential conversations about risk management strategies. The detailed report and actionable insights have been instrumental in enhancing our risk mitigation plans. FIRA is an invaluable asset for any risk management professional.

Enterprise Risk Manager

Please note that the above testimonials are illustrative examples intended to demonstrate the potential benefits of FIRAv2. To respect privacy, actual names have been omitted, and the accompanying images are stock photos.

Building on FIRAv2™: Leveraging the results for SPECTRA™ 

FIRAv2™ directly feeds into Falcone International's flagship product SPECTRA™, a detailed audit-for-purpose that dives deep into an organization's risk management. Build to enable boards, management, and teams to protect the organization from all angels, many customers have started their risk management journey by taking FIRAv2™ and then progressing to SPECTRA™. Thus, taking FIRAv2™ is always a good idea, as it can save time and money when moving to addressing gaps in your risk management program. 


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