Duty of Care

Taking care of your people

In a globalized world, the chances that your organization's people travel worldwide are high. But even at home, every employer has a Duty of Care. With threats of all kinds rising, Falcone International can help you develop and implement a comprehensive and efficient Duty of Care concept so your people are prepared and taken care of — wherever they are.
A company's operation is ensured with the adequate provision of Duty of Care. Therefore, the interest in effectively and successfully fulfilling the company's primary functions correlates with an effective Duty of Care concept.

Duty of Care

Questions you might have

  • How can we efficiently keep track of all of our people?
  • What plans do we need for what scenarios?
  • How can we ensure we get the resources we need in a global scenario?
  • Are there solutions that work on a worldwide basis from a single partner?

Falcone International can help with your Duty of Care concept

Developing an appropriate Duty of Care concept requires answering some fundamental questions to build a robust framework. These questions will include the following:

  1. What are the legal requirements relating to the Duty of Care under national and international law? 
  2. Which questions should be asked and answered regarding our operation's security and risk management to enable people's deployment?
  3. What information should team members get before signing an employment contract to ensure they are adequately informed?
  4. How should the team be selected, trained, and prepared to help ensure the success of an operation?
  5. How can the Duty of Care processes be continuously improved?

The answers to the above questions represent the initial framework for understanding the concept of Duty of Care in an environment where you are operating globally.

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