Political Risk Assessment

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A political risk assessment will help to determine what dangers a nation's leadership, government, and political system present to your organization.

You should know the risks connected to local and national politics before your company begins operations in a particular nation or region. To enable you to make wise business decisions, Falcone International can assist you in identifying and evaluating those risks. 

Political Risk Assessment

Areas to cover

  • Are we dealing with a PEP (politically exposed person)?
  • What are the written and unwritten policies there?
  • Who are the players on and off the political field  relevant to us?
  • What can we do to manage political or country risk actively?
  • How will we be perceived in the target country?

Working with Falcone International on political risk assessment

During periods of political upheaval and instability, Falcone International can assist in protecting your business and your investment by gathering, analyzing, and evaluating information in real time. 

Political risk is crucial for any corporation conducting business globally, whether demonstrations in the Middle East, nationalization in South America, regime change in Asia, or a debt crisis in Europe. In developing nations and emerging markets, this is particularly true.

The Falcone International policy experts individually have decades of experience evaluating unstable nations' political climates. They are former diplomats, policy analysts, and government officials.

Thus, we can: 

  • Create a country report on a particular nation or region, including political issues and maintaining monitoring activities as necessary. 
  • Clarify your business exposures and how you can manage political risk and turmoil in the target nation. 
  • Give local assessments of concerns that might impact your company's operations. 
  • Assist you in creating plans to continue business operations while avoiding the effects of political unrest.

Call Falcone International immediately if you need assistance identifying potential political risks, handling them, and preventing damage to your company.

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