Financial Investigations

Deter, Detect, and Disclose Financial Malpractice

Financial investigations can identify and remediate forms of financial malfeasance and often require a multi-pronged approach that cuts across specializations and geographies. 

Leveraging our deep financial expertise in traditional asset classes such as equities and fixed income, we are a powerful resource for corporate clients looking to enhance their fraud and corruption prevention and detection capabilities.

Financial Investigations

Financial Investigation Questions

  • Have funds been misappropriated, and who benefited?
  • Has there been insider trading that puts us at risk?
  • How can we secure evidence of analog or digital transactions?
  • Is there more exposure besides the theft of funds?

How Falcone International can help with financial investigations

Whether you want to stay current with evolving corporate compliance strategies or seek unique access to resources and experts in the crypto space. We actively support internal and third-party investigations with this expertise.

Our financial investigations bring together experts in forensic accounting, data analytics, forensic audits, and financial crime compliance and investigations.

With global offices and unparalleled resources, we can operate with local expertise virtually anywhere in the world and give you the complete picture.

We can immediately assist you to:

  • Implement best practices to detect fraud and financial crime before it occurs.
  • Investigate instances of fraud, bribery, and corruption
  • Cooperate with authorities on their ongoing investigation of your report and claim

Talk to us about thorough financial investigations to detect weaknesses and implement solutions to prevent fraud and financial crime before it occurs.

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