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Providing additional resources, expertise, and insights for top-notch legal teams

Lawsuits and litigation are an inherent aspect of conducting business internationally. But are you doing everything to support your top-notch legal team in achieving a successful outcome through additional insights? Through cutting-edge litigation support, you can increase the likelihood of that by enriching your case with valuable insights and investigative evidence.

In situations where swift conflict resolution eludes us, both domestic and international disputes often necessitate a thorough dissection of convoluted economic, financial, and accounting data. This intensive analysis may necessitate the exploration of various data systems, diverse client locations, relevant legal frameworks and standards, as well as multiple languages.

We can help whether you need to defend against a lawsuit or are considering filing one. Experienced, dependable, and discrete professional investigators assist you in preparing your defense or evaluating the evidence supporting damage claims. You must know the advantages and disadvantages of each argument or suggested strategy.

We help legal teams with 

  • Locating documents, assets, or witnesses
  • Vetted and credentialed expert opinions
  • Background investigations on opposing witnesses and actors
  • Certified and licensed surveillance of claimants
  • Authentication of evidence and case artifacts
  • Local insights and expertise how investigative, evidentiary and data forum rules apply

Falcone international provides litigation support

We provide the following services for litigation support: 

  • Engaging witnesses: We can help with witness identification, tracking, and interrogation. Language is not a barrier for local, in-country interviews because we hire local investigators. 
  • Locating documents: Professional investigators can find legal records, documents that attest to a company's corporate registration, information on persons of interest, and much more. 
  • Creating the chronology or timeline: The timeline is a crucial component of any case and is necessary for building a solid case theory. 
  • KYC: Knowing your client is essential, whether they appear as a plaintiff or a defendant. Background checks unique to the matter at hand can yield valuable information. 
  • Finding clients in complicated legal cases: Identification and localization of the various parties affected by an incident are crucial. 
  • Premises visit: The requirements for local activities can differ significantly across jurisdictions. Pictures and other information can draw attention to an occurrence's location. 
  • Providing background: We can aid in your understanding of a different nation or culture. Any case can benefit from additional reviews of prior reports, country reports, or incident reports.
Providing additional insights for top-notch legal teams through litigation support, as lawsuits are an inherent aspect of conducting business internationally.

How we approach litigation support: Integrated capabilities

Our investigative mindset, coupled with our ability to simplify complex issues, positions us as an all-encompassing solution for all aspects of a dispute. We lend you intelligence, evidence collection, and internal investigation at the issue's inception. Our support extends to prehearing litigation with the proper collection and hosting of factual evidence. We cut through the clutter to deliver meaningful insights, present your case efficiently, and aid in the implementation of the result.

Readiness and competence

Understanding the intensive requirements of litigation, we provide relentless 24/7 support. We only work with licensed, credentialed professionals to ensure premium service delivery.

Our team and expertise

We boast a deep roster of experts specializing in diverse areas like forensic accounting, valuation, digital forensics, security, M&A, and intellectual property issues. As the world's largest independent valuation provider, we're equipped to understand and deliver value.

Global reach, local wisdom

Our unique combination of a far-reaching global presence and keen local insight enables us to collect, analyze, and present evidence to fact finders anywhere. We adeptly navigate local investigative, evidentiary, and data forum rules.

Resources and expert testimony

With a trove of technical skills, global discovery platforms, and subject expertise, we're able to identify, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data. Falcone International can provide both testifying and consulting expertise with appropriate separation between functions.

Understanding your opposition

By investigating an adversary's reputation, history, and potential assets, we unearth essential information, enabling clients to effectively manage disputes. This frequently results in trial-ready evidence that can confidently stand up in court.

Custom investigations

Our litigation support investigations are tailor-made for the client, often supporting the legal strategies of law firms. 

Holistic methodology

Our team covers the entire spectrum of modern investigative theory and practice, with credentials in law enforcement, legal, regulatory, financial, and technological fields. This allows us to approach each investigation holistically, from every angle, whether supporting our clients' allegations or responding to those of their adversaries.

Contribute to building a compelling case

Fusing advanced technologies and methodologies with traditional investigative work, we deploy the resources needed to build or bolster a client's case. We offer a broad range of highly effective litigation support services. This enables us to unearth information that can dismantle an opponent's case, evaluating claims, conducting interviews, uncovering electronic evidence, and locating assets—all of which can frequently prove decisive in successful outcomes.

Providing additional insights for top-notch legal teams through litigation support, as lawsuits are an inherent aspect of conducting business internationally.

Let's speak about what litigation support we can provide for you

Our services include a comprehensive spectrum of investigative measures: background investigations, asset search and recovery, forensic and investigative accounting, data analytics, fact-finding, witness due diligence, forensic technology, and forensic engineering. Through meticulous analysis, on-the-ground surveillance, and innovative technological solutions, we provide the critical information needed to develop compelling evidence and create a persuasive narrative in support of your case.

Our team has a wealth of experience in domestic and foreign litigation support. Ask the Falcone International investigation team to look at your case from all angles.

We are experts, not lawyers

Our investigative skills and testifying expertise afford us the ability to review and analyze opposing reports and formulate counterarguments. As experts, not advocates, we collaborate closely with legal counsel to deliver reports and opinions grounded in facts on the issues at dispute. As proficient specialists, we collaborate intimately with legal counsel to deliver reports and viewpoints grounded in facts on pertinent issues under dispute. If you are a lawyer, please consult our Industry Relations guide.

Get in touch about Litigation Support

Let us talk about your Litigation Support needs. We are here to help and are happy to give a non-binding and confidential assessment of your case and course of action. Contact Falcone International today for expert assistance.

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