We cover a broad spectrum of services with one mission in mind: Turning the unknowns into knowns.

With our services, we help ensure the success of your international commercial activities by running or assisting you with some critical processes.

We help clients with Risk Management & Compliance, Strategic Advisory, Investigations & Disputes, Business Intelligence, and Cyber Risk Management, so they can stay focused on their core business.

Tailor-made services by experts and practitioners

We tailor our wide range of services to each of our clients' demands.

We provide dependable, discrete, and timely data and analysis that enables you to minimize risk and make wise decisions, whether you are an established player in the marketplace or scaling up globally.

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Getting a better picture of the situation leads to making better decisions. Treating any risk, compliance, governance, investigation, or intelligence measure as a business investment will always pay off. This will be especially visible in the most difficult of circumstances.

Cyber Risk Management

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Due Diligence and Deep Research

Adding to your own financial due diligence, we analyze, evaluate, and advise on your business partners' risk factors and potential issues. Whether for a specific deal or general conduct of business domestically and internationally, we support you in making informed decisions.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Utilize Falcone International's deep financial experience to assess the benefits and liabilities of a potential merger, sale, or acquisition so you can confidently develop your company.

Executive Background Checks and Investigations

Before a key person joins your organization, you need to determine whether they are who they say they are, spot any gaps in their history, and understand whether there are any warning signs you should address.

Security and Safety Assessments

Your workforce, your facilities, and your most vital resources are all in need of close protection. Falcone International's security and safety assessments increase the safe keeping of your people and assets in any risk environment.

Business Continuity

Together with your core team, we develop and implement a disaster response plan to ensure business continuity despite headwinds. Recent local and global disasters, such as riots, natural disasters, or a global pandemic, have shown how important it is to prepare for all scenarios.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting

Working in an international environment means your company must be FCPA compliant. Falcone International will lead you through the domestic and global processes in any language and under any governmental circumstance.

Litigation Support

Every day, businesses, corporate counsel, and law firms encounter complex legal issues requiring expert support to analyze potential litigation, prepare for the discovery process and trial, or pursue post-judgment remedies. Falcone International offers case-specific or firm-wide investigative support.

Corporate Investigations

Falcone International conducts worldwide, regional, and local investigations into anything from possible business partners' backgrounds to employee fraud. The highest priority is always discretion.

Political Risk Assessment

Falcone International offers you advice, insights, and knowledge to support you in discovering and understanding new territories and their players. In addition, we help you to navigate during periods of political upheaval and instability at home or abroad.

Asset Searches & Recovery Support

You need the ability to identify and trace assets from their point of origin to their final destinations anywhere in the world, including offshore havens. As financial transactions have grown more complex and involve several jurisdictions, we help you through a global network of investigative, legal, and financial experts.

Duty of Care

With threats of all kinds rising, Falcone International can help you develop and implement a comprehensive and efficient Duty of Care concept, so your people are prepared and taken care of — wherever they are.

Financial Investigations

Falcone International can help identify and remediate all forms of financial malfeasance that often require a multi-pronged approach that cuts across asset classes, specializations, and geographies.

Workshops & Training

From comprehensive awareness training to more in-depth workshops, we offer our experts' insights and experience in engaging and digestible formats, from general management to specialist teams. Customized to your requirements, we ensure that you are better prepared and empowered to safeguard your organization.

Want to know where your organization stands?

Take the 25-question Risk Assessment to find out where you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.

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Falcone International white papers

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Best practices for protecting single and multi family offices

A 5-minute read, this family office guide explains how family offices can rely on world-class support and strategies for deals, governance, and safeguarding the family and their wealth.