Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Taking deal intelligence to the next level

One of the most challenging corporate transactions is a merger or an acquisition. Mergers and Acquisitions support can help you maximize the value of your next transaction. Increasing your deal intelligence is always a good investment, whether for a simple transaction or a complex one like a SPAC.

As a finance or legal professional, you are driving the process. Still, do you possess the necessary tools and insights to assess the proposed transaction from every angle to avoid blindspots? For sell-side or buy-side actors, you can never vet a deal enough.

Too often, deals that seem successful on paper are riddled with issues that could result in an inability to integrate people and operations in the future successfully. Falcone International can apply its experience in conducting global investigations to your company's evaluation of a merger or acquisition to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each party.

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Questions you might have

  • Can the seller or buyer prove their promises or claims?
  • Who are the people and entities behind the buyer or seller?
  • Do they have an issue in the past that we should know about?
  • Do their team show signs of deception in interviews?
  • What else should we know about them?

Falcone International's mergers and acquisitions support

Our global network of lawyers, financial experts, and detectives work to prevent surprises after a transaction. To make decisions with your eyes wide open and the required information at your fingertips, we assist you in identifying the potential dangers of a new contract. 

Falcone International offers vital M&A support services, such as: 

  • A thorough examination of the proposed sell-side or buy-side target 
  • Background checks on corporations, including confirmation of their registration, examination of their financial and legal records, and explanation of their corporate structures (such as branches and affiliated companies) 
  • Background checks on business executives, including an examination of their civil and criminal records and a confirmation of their job history and credentials 
  • Investigation and evaluation of the company's and its leaders' reputations 
  • Identify the company's and its principals' commercial connections, including any affiliations with the government, directorships, or significant family relationships, to investigate any FCPA violations. 
  • Concentrate on the company's subsidiaries to prevent acquiring any legal issues or other problems that would affect the parent firm.

Both M&A sides can benefit from mergers and acquisitions, which can be an excellent opportunity for growth. However, before you merge with or acquire a target, our qualified professionals at Falcone International can spot potential problems, allowing you to expand your firm confidently. 

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