Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting

Ensuring compliance at home and abroad

In recent years, investigations and prosecutions under the FCPA have been increasing. Do you have any exposure? Are you familiar with the Act, and are you effectively monitoring compliance? Effective Foreign Corrupt Practices Act consulting can help you avoid lengthy inquiries and possible exposure.

The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Any US company or individual that offers or provides something of value to a foreign government official to influence a decision, maintain business relationships, or obtain an unfair advantage violates the FCPA. 

The US Justice Department wants to ensure that your business follows the law. To prevent fraud and steep FCPA fines, Falcone International supports your compliance program to identify and mitigate the risks associated with conducting business abroad.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting

Questions you might have

  • What is our FCPA compliance exposure?
  • Do our programs prove effective in the field?
  • What can we do to monitor and ensure compliance?
  • Does our current compliance program need updating?
  • How do we properly document and report non-compliance?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Consulting Falcone International provides

Falcone International can assist your organization in creating and upholding an FCPA program by: 

  • Implement a strong, efficient FCPA compliance program, and your personnel safeguards against personal culpability.
  • Your business is not subject to the burden of a continuing FCPA investigation or its costs.
  • The business can cooperate with overseas partners and explore development prospects without having to deal with accusations of wrongdoing.
  • Your organization avoids negative press that comes with FCPA inquiries and subsequent legal actions.
  • You can be confident that your suppliers and business partners have undergone a careful investigation.

Falcone International can also assist if you are already dealing with an FCPA issue. We support you in defending your business and your executives against pricey legal actions, penalties, or possibly jail time, from conducting an internal investigation to getting ready for court.

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