Executive Background Investigations

Learn everything there is to know about a candidate through a background check

Executive background investigations and background checks can reveal all answers to questions like these: Does the prospective new executive or board member's résumé contain any gaps? And if so, why? What are they not disclosing? Are they showing any signs of deception in an interview?

You must be sure about the person you are hiring before you make the decision. A background check on an executive may reveal concerns you should be aware of before making an offer. Our executive background checks will assist you in learning what risks you might encounter when you hire a new executive or board member and ultimately make informed hiring decisions.

Executive Background Investigations

Areas of Inquiry

  • Are all professional certifications valid and accurate?
  • Has this candidate ever been affiliated with something untoward?
  • Does this candidate or team member show signs of deception in a background interview?
  • Are there any looming issues that the candidate is not disclosing?

How Falcone International can help with your Executive Background Investigations

We will acquire the background data you require, such as: 

  • Public records: Was anyone suing them? Has anyone they work with been sued by them? Do they frequently file lawsuits? 
  • Criminal records: Have they ever been accused or found guilty of a crime? 
  • Financial background: Have they ever filed for bankruptcy? Do tax liens exist? Is there potential for leverage or control over them by others because of their finances?
  • Verification of qualifications: Are they adequately licensed professionals? Are the licenses still in effect? Do they hold the degrees they claim to have? 
  • Media overview: What have the media been saying about your potential new executive or board member? What sort of presence do they have online? 
  • Reputation: What are people's opinions of their leadership abilities and business savvy? To maintain your relationship with the candidate and guarantee unbiased feedback, working with a third party is frequently preferable to conduct reference interviews.

Why conduct an executive background investigation or background check?

You can benefit from executive background checks in various ways. For example, you can confirm the candidate has the background they say they have, warning you of any potential gaps in the candidate's background or determining whether there are any warning signs you should take notice of. 

Our skilled investigators know how to sift through public records and other data sources to obtain the information you require. Falcone International can provide you with the authorization and disclosure paperwork needed to get the process going quickly and effectively. 

We conduct executive background checks both domestically and internationally, so no matter where you are or where your prospective new hire is from, Falcone International can be of assistance. 

Make a confident decision by working with Falcone International for an executive background investigation and knowing you have all the information.

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