Asset Searches and Recovery Support

Finding the needle in the haystack: physical and digital

To render asset searches and recovery support, the global team of skilled investigators that Falcone International has assembled is capable of creating a rigorous, well-thought-out plan for locating hidden or undiscovered assets. Subsequently, Falcone International works with clients from the beginning of the forensic asset search case until its resolution.

We carry out asset searches and recovery support through our global network of investigative, legal, and financial experts adept at deciphering complicated corporate structures, layers of offshore holdings, and money laundering operations.

Questions you might have

  • Are you able to prove ownership?
  • Where have the stolen assets been moved to?
  • Who has custody of our assets at the moment?
  • Is it worth going after our assets for monetary or reputation reasons?
  • How can we ensure easier tracking of our assets?
  • Will public prosecutors have a high enough level of interest in the case?

Working with Falcone International on Asset Searches and Recovery Support

Using Falcone International, you can use forensic asset searches to: 

  • Gather intelligence about assets that may be used in court or to assess the likelihood of successfully bringing a claim 
  • Pursue post-judgment enforcement actions
  • Determine and track down money linked to employee theft or other wrongdoing 
  • Locate U.S. and overseas financial assets by navigating corporate holdings and structure layers. 
  • Investigate assets that moved from one nation or jurisdiction to another, employing local investigators who are knowledgeable with each country's laws and business practices.
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to identify acceptable and successful investigation measures and weed out ineffective ones. 

We are professionals at locating concealed assets and the methods used to do so. Allow the professionals at Falcone International to assist you if you require a discrete and exhaustive asset search.

Get in touch about Asset Searches and Recovery Support

Let us talk about your Asset Searches and Recovery Support needs. We are here to help and are happy to give a non-binding and confidential assessment of your case and course of action. Contact Falcone International today for expert assistance.

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