Strategic Business Intelligence

Get a clear picture through strategic business intelligence

Conducting business intelligence can help develop strategic notice through which you can identify and mitigate previously identified and emerging risks.

Competitive intelligence, business intelligence, and big data are different. To make better decisions, you only want to use information from reliable sources. In addition, you need to have the most up-to-date knowledge of the situation and the potential for changes in the future before entering a new market.

If you are experiencing an issue in your company, many unknowns may be involved. For example, you might discover that internal reporting could be more thorough or that local management could be more cooperative. Business intelligence may give you the knowledge you need about a company's operations, markets, rivals, and the political environment in which they operate.

Strategic business intelligence strategic notice

Areas you want to explore

  • Competitor's activities and facilities in key markets
  • Local government affiliations and practices
  • Sources of an 'unfair advantage' a competitor or opponent might have
  • Reliability of infrastructure in a country or place you want to expand to

Develop strategic notice with Falcone International

Find answers to strategic questions: 

  • Macro: How is your industry in a particular nation or region doing? Is there a robust domestic industry? Is the country in need of goods or services that your business can provide? Does a significant consumer demand exist? Is the local client a reliable one? 
  • Area: Is the infrastructure sufficient to sustain your company's operations or to ship and support your product? Political risk—is it a problem? 
  • Competition: What is the opposition doing? Are they present in the nation or region? What are their weaknesses? Do they compete on costs, standards, or some other criterion? 
  • Local authority: Are new investments encouraged by the government? What kind of red tape should you anticipate? Will you be subject to bribery or corruption?

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