Due Diligence and Deal Intelligence

Identify and mitigate problems before they become one

Solid due diligence and deal intelligence are powerful tools for evaluating business opportunities and resolving unidentified risks, such as fraud and corruption. It's a methodical strategy to identify and weigh the risks of doing business with a specific partner, client, or organization.

We provide specific, actionable information, so you may make judgments about your business based on solid evidence. Besides in-person interviews, other sources can include, for example, global and local business records, investigating commercial and personal relationships, analyzing legal filings, and much more.

due diligence deal intelligence

Questions you might have

  • Are they really whom they claim to be?
  • Do the assets they show on paper really exist?
  • Do they have any particular exposure that we should know about?
  • Have we exhausted all avenues of inquiry to secure this deal?
  • Are their certifications valid?

Falcone International can enrich your existing due diligence process

Whether it is for a deal, investment, or new vendor relationship, due diligence will help your organization in a variety of ways: 

  • Help you determine a possible business partner's strengths and weaknesses 
  • Enable you to obtain the precise information you need to make financial and commercial decisions
  • Ensure the legitimacy and factual accuracy of statements concerning operations, holdings, or local repute before you sign on the dotted line

The difference between a successful partnership and one that could cost you time, money, or reputation is made by performing your due diligence. Anywhere in the world, Falcone International can carry out due diligence investigations for you:

  • Assist you in avoiding costly errors and potential lawsuits brought on by a lack of thorough background information on people, corporate subsidiaries, or businesses 
  • Find and fix “black holes” or information that you were unaware of

Regardless of your position or industry, we assist your existing due diligence processes and complement your financial, commercial, or legal due diligence. 

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