Tobias Jaeger is Falcone International's Founder & CEO and leads the company since its inception in 2022. Over the last 15 years, Tobias has dedicated his career to safeguarding organizations and their people, ranging from venture capital to private equity firms and hedge funds, non-governmental organizations and family offices, small businesses, and corporations.

During that time, he has had the privilege and pleasure of solving some of the most complex challenges for his clients. These organizations were the target of fraud, theft, extortion, ransom, deception, money laundering, sabotage, and corporate espionage.

Tobias has done so in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil across various sectors, including media and entertainment, oil and gas, software, finance, and energy.

As Falcone International's CEO, Tobias is responsible for the overall strategic leadership and development of the organization, including strategic partnerships, and acquisitions.


  • Conducted regular reviews and audits of financial activities, supplier conduct, and IT practices for a US-UK group of companies
  • Advised a client on an attempted hostile takeover, including identifying and mitigating acts of sabotage and death threats against the principal of the client
  • Performed due diligence for a client on a holding company in a landmark, high-stakes deal and ultimately positively identified malicious intent, which resulted in loss prevention
  • Led internal investigation for a UK group of companies to track capital leakage, preserve evidence, and identify assets
  • Led a fraud investigation in connection with embezzled European Union public subsidies for a German client
  • Investigated extremely complex domestic and offshore corporate structures and ownership to identify conflicts of interest for a US client

Honors & Awards

  • Profiled by interview.net in 2017 on deal-making and the process of finding and selecting the right investor


Professional Activities



  • Mastering Operational Risk, Resilience, and Crisis Management at Amsterdam Institute of Finance

News & Resources

Contact Tobias Jaeger

Washington, DC

+1 (202) 240-2850

London, United Kingdom

‬‭+44 20 3925 7973‬



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